After the consumer decides which bank to use the mortgage loan, he applies for a loan for the amount and maturity he needs. Although the application process varies from bank to bank, if necessary documents are ready, it is generally a process that can be completed on the same day. In this article, we will inform you about how banks evaluate your loan application.

You can use the “Monthly Installment Amount Calculation” tool available on Lite Lender website for your housing loan installment calculation.

While making a credit assessment, it is evaluated whether the consumer will be able to pay back the loan and whether the house is suitable for lending separately.

1- At the stage of consumer evaluation


  • Repayment performance of used loans in previous periods,
  • Check-note payment information,
  • Monthly income and expense information,
  • Loan amount to be used,
  • Credit term,
  • The monthly installment amounts that should be paid together are evaluated together and the conformity of the loan repayments to the cash flow of the person is taken into consideration.

Bank Credit Registration Office or at this stage of the Risk Center Banks Association of Turkey ‘s, etc. Credit Risk Report. use their services. These services usually check whether consumers are paying their debts on time (credit cards, consumer loans, etc.). In these centers, everyone has a score known as ‘KKB score’ or ‘KKB score’ and banks do not favor crediting if this score is lower than certain levels.

2- During the evaluation of the dwelling


  • Eligibility of the house to be purchased for legal lending,
  • The value of the dwelling determined by an SPK licensed valuation company,
  • Whether there is any encumbrance on the house to be purchased
  • market value is determined by determining.

The issues that banks take into account when evaluating credit may differ. For this reason, it is possible that the application made for the same person is approved in one bank and rejected in another.

If the bank evaluates the loan and deems the loan to be available to the consumer in principle, pre-approval is obtained. After that, he presses the button to start appraisal of the house.

Lite lender’s private consultant is as close as a phone call in these processes. The consultant allows you to make your loan application with the appointment system and without missing documents. It tracks the stage of the bank. It speeds up your business by contacting the customer representative when necessary. If there are banks that refuse your loan application due to special circumstances, it will direct you to another bank that can accept your application.


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