Are you willing to get out of debt and get out of the red? Congratulations! The most important step is you.gave, what it is precisely deciding to take a turn in one’s own financial life. But don’t you stop! Debt settlement requires strength of will, discipline, commitment and a good deal of maturity and wisdom to make the right choices.

If you are you decided to reset your debts, but you don’t know where to start, keep reading our article and find out what the next steps are. Come with Good Lenders!


Take on your debt

Take on your debt

Being in debt in the market can indeed be embarrassing, but as long as the shame speaks louder, you will be able to. you won’t be able to get out of debt. Take on your debts and take responsibility for them. Do not assign third parties to negotiate a debt that was made by you. Look for the lender in person and try to solve the problem in the best possible way. Isn’t that so shameful. On the contrary, very worthy.


Map your real situation

To get rid of doubts It is necessary, before anything else, to make a realistic diagnosis of your financial situation. For that, you You must map the debts, taking into account how long the indebtedness has existed, for whom do you should, what is the debt amount and also the interest rate. Do this mapping key to setting payment priorities.


Plan payment

Analyze your ability to pay and plan to settle your debts. Are you it must prioritize the payment of the most expensive and with the eminence of registration in credit protection agencies.

More expensive debts, such as credit cards, should be paid off as soon as possible, due to the high interest rate. Portions of bank financing of movable or real estate should also be prioritized, as the payment can take the house, the apartment or the vehicle to auction.


Forget (at least for a while) new acquisitions and investments

Is it fundamental that you control your finances as much as possible and avoid superfluous purchases. It is worth mentioning that the payment of your debt needs to be a priority at this moment and that your accounts are completely up to date, do not invest time or money in new acquisitions. better tighten your belt!


Save on everything possible

Forget (at least for a while) new acquisitions and investments

Try to reduce family budget expenses and try to reduce spending until essential things like energy, fuel, food and water. Involve all members of the family in this economy process, take advantage of the weekly promotions in the market, bargain, cut the list of treats and so on. Remember that every penny saved power reversed in the payment of bills.


Open hand of goods (if necessary)

If there is no other way, give up some of your assets to pay off debts. Often this measure Better than taking out a loan. Are you can sell large goods, like a car or a website. But if your debts are small, selling antiques, shoes and used clothes can also be an excellent measure. S resort to a loan in the latter case and still always evaluate interest rates.


Negotiate directly with creditors


When you have a proposal to make, negotiate with creditors. Look for the company when you keep in mind the exact amount you can pay. If possible, try to amortize the debt interest by negotiating the payment in fewer installments. That done, you must strive to honor the agreement and pay the bills on time. As soon as life is zeroed, will you must take steps to remove your name from the Agree Bank or Across Lender Group, if it has been included in these protection agencies.

Now that you knows what to do, try to settle your debts and reorganize your financial life. Count on us in this task! You still have a question or want to leave any other tips Leave a comment below.