Do you know that debt that insists on disrupting the budget? And for more effort or savings you can not pay? Personal loans can be one of the alternatives to solve the situation. It can also be used to speed up the purchase of your own home or dream car. And how about undertaking with the help of this granny?

With the internet increasingly being a protagonist in the daily lives of all of us and technology companies increasing their participation in the economy, borrowing money goes far beyond sitting in front of the bank manager and placing the order. There are plenty of products, payment terms and even ways to do that. For example, without leaving the house and with just a few rings on your cell phone, it’s that simple.

In any case, the personal loan involves money that is not yours and should be returned with interest. So, before deciding, there is nothing more certain than doing the calculations and comparing the offers. You can get an accurate idea of ​​the final amount you will pay.


What is a loan simulation?

loan simulation?

Simulating is doing a test, a projection. In the case of loans, it is to find out how much will be paid each month, how and how long it will be done. The exercise also helps to check if there are any additional fees, whether interest may increase during the combined period and what the final amount of all this will be.

Personal loans can be made with or without collateral. In the first case, the values ​​are usually higher, the rates are lower (after all, there is a guarantee) and the payment terms are longer. However, the company requires that the property or car be placed as a kind of consideration in case of non-payment (the famous default). For many people this is not even an option because they do not have these assets.


Processes are faster because they do not demand that much

loan simulation

Only a credit analysis that checks the payment history, current finances and whether or not the person’s name is negative. Then you just have to inform the CPF, present a proof of residence, another proof of income and a job bond and make a bank account available, so the money can be released.