All banks and companies specializing in credit offer internet users the possibility of simulating credits. This tool has become essential since it allows you to be able to know the conditions of a loan (duration rate, amount of maturities, amount of application fees, etc.) without having to go to an agency. Its main interest lies above all in the possibility of comparing several simulations.

Of course, the Best Bank network offers this possibility. Below we will guide you so that you can easily use this simulator. If you are a Best Bank customer, you can access the simulation tools in your personal area. If this is not the case, know that it is still possible to carry out this type of research, online as we explain below, otherwise you can contact directly the Best Bank.



  1. Open the home page of this bank’s website.
  2. On the blue bar at the top of this page, click on “Individuals”
  3. Then on “borrow”
  4. At the bottom of this new page: Enter your postal code. Or click on the map of France, and select the region where you live, then the department. (It is easier to choose the “postal code” option)
  5. You are now on the home page of your regional Cream Bank.
  6. In a frame located on the right, (direct access): choose the simulator option. Using the drop-down banner, select the loan that corresponds to your project among the 3 proposals (auto, work, cash)
  7. In the right frame, click on “continue your request”

Now you are in the popular bank’s credit simulator.

Now you are in the popular bank

You can now simulate as many times as you wish in order to choose the amount as well as the duration of the credit and the amount of the monthly repayment installments.

  • Enter the desired amount, then the duration of the credit, the amount of the monthly repayment is displayed immediately.
  • You can also proceed as follows: You enter the amount of the credit, and the monthly amount that you want to repay, in this case, the duration of the credit is calculated.